Tie Simpson is a CEO, Certified Mindful Yoga Coach, Movement Artist, and Wellness Content Creator for her conscious lifestyle brand, Hippie Heathen. As the CEO of Sisters of Yoga, she oversees the brand image, operations, expansion, programs, policies, and procedures of the company.

My Bio


to a mostly single mother from the inner cities of Miami, FL. Although my mother often worked 2 jobs overnight to support us, we were always just barely making it. My parents were 18 yr old highschoolers when I was born, and separated when I was 2. They didn’t know what they didn’t know, which unfortunately was a lot. This left me with a whole lot to figure out on my own, if I wanted to experience a different reality than what life had presented me.

My Story

I grew up the firstborn of 5...

My bloom was completely unexpected and divine;
miraculous even, but it certainly (didn't start/always feel) that way. Like the Lotus flower, it felt like a slow creep right out of the dark depths of being utterly lost on who I was, and my purpose for being here.

It’s truly magical to witness yourself bloom!

With help from my highschool science teacher, I ended up getting a partial academic scholarship that allowed me to go to the University of South Florida, being the first person in my immediate family to go to and finish college.

after giving birth to my daughter on a Thursday, I started my final classes that Monday, graduating Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s of Science in Finance. That was quite an experience to say the least! Shortly after, I married my highschool sweetheart, bought a house, and we started our life together in Atlanta, Ga at the ripe age of 23 yrs old.

In my last semester of School...

 but I persisted with the practice, because I loved how it made my mind and body feel...For 2 years straight, I joined online monthly challenges, practiced every day (sometimes 3 hrs daily); and taught myself at home for almost 2 years. I was obsessed!

One day (July 2012) after recently having been laid off, while scrolling on Instagram, I came across an online challenge, of what looked like forming shapes with your body. These shapes turned out to be yoga, and I quickly fell madly in love with this foreign practice.

This practice was the catalyst that shifted my entire life, on and off the mat. It was like a domino effect of transformations that began to show up: in the way I parented my children, in my relationship and conversations with my partners, family, and friends; in the way I handled my anxiety, and depression, and most importantly in the connection I had with mySelf.

As I embarked on this personal journey

 of self-exploration and healing, I began to share my experience, and the way it was changing my life publicly on Instagram. After 7 years of sharing the lessons of my journey, my brand, Hippie Heathen, has become a torch light, guiding and empowering other seekers taking the journey to step into their personal power. 

Over the last 8 years, I’ve shed many layers of unworthiness, confusion, self-hate, doubt, shame, poverty-mindset, and paralyzing fear. Through my practice of yoga, mindfulness, and doing the inner-self work, I’ve created the outer reality I desired to experience.

Using yoga, holistic wellness, and conscious living modalities, I assist women in developing and sustaining healthy lifestyles, thus journeying to their most- happiest, healthiest, empowered self, i.e. self-mastery. Through flow, breath, and freedom of expression, I teach Yoga as the vehicle to help you learn more about who you are. It helps strengthen and heal your body, but more importantly it nudges you to wake up to what is important in your life and to gently let go of the thoughts, habits, personas, and behaviour patterns that no longer serve you.

As I embarked on this personal journey

It’s amazing working with Tie. She’s very clear on the goal at hand which makes it so easy to assist with projects. Tie also has a very calming energy around always even in what may seem like stressful situations. 

- Project Manager Intern; Dara Danielle, @Pintsizenurse

Tie has helped me move fearlessly on + off my mat. Removing fear from my practice, listening to my body + giving it what it NEEDS. By removing fear I’m able to try things I normally wouldn’t do + that’s physically, spiritually + culturally. She plays a major role + has encouraged me in my practice. 

- Yoga Student; Jahna Howard, @Milli.Locs

She is the best and will get the best out of you. Her passion and dedication is second to none. And energy doesn't lie; she is the truth. She is extremely knowledgeable down to earth and in tune with herself and nature therefore allowing her to connect with anyone. She has a way to bring out the best on people allowing them to just be themselves. She truly is a blessing to all that come in contact with her.

- Retreat Participant; Louis Rodriguez, @Polou



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