“Beginners Guide To Starting Yoga” created for yoga enthusiasts interested in starting a yoga practice, but feel overwhelmed or confused about where to begin. 


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Hippie Heathen

It’s amazing working with Tie. She’s very clear on the goal at hand which makes it so easy to assist with projects. Tie also has a very calming energy around always even in what may seem like stressful situations. 

- Project Manager Intern; Dara Danielle, @Pintsizenurse

Tie has helped me move fearlessly on + off my mat. Removing fear from my practice, listening to my body + giving it what it NEEDS. By removing fear I’m able to try things I normally wouldn’t do + that’s physically, spiritually + culturally. She plays a major role + has encouraged me in my practice. 

- Yoga Student; Jahna Howard, @Milli.Locs

She is the best and will get the best out of you. Her passion and dedication is second to none. And energy doesn't lie; she is the truth. She is extremely knowledgeable down to earth and in tune with herself and nature therefore allowing her to connect with anyone. She has a way to bring out the best on people allowing them to just be themselves. She truly is a blessing to all that come in contact with her.

- Retreat Participant; Louis Rodriguez, @Polou



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